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RTS- 10 Years, ZERO LTAs!


RTS All Blue with RCongratulations to Ross Transportation Services, Inc. (RTS) on reaching ten years with ZERO Lost Time Accidents (LTA)!  RTS kept on truckin’ right through its goal on March 14, 2017!

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This is the FIRST TIME RTS has reached this milestone since it began tracking LTAs.
This means RTS safely traveled, on average, 2,740 miles per day over the past year maneuvering through many types of weather, road conditions and dealing with other drivers. 

 This is all thanks to RTS’ world-class drivers, support staff of mechanics and all of its exceptional administrative professionals. 

 “It takes a lot to get from point A to point B safely and it all starts with a safe environment and maintaining safe equipment.  So, I would like to congratulate and thank not only the RTS Drivers who are on the front lines but also the mechanics that keep the equipment in order, the administrators that take care of the people and the jobs, and of course, everyone from each of the other two companies! This achievement is everyone’s!

– Bill Cromling III, President of RTS 

“It has become an annual event at RTS.  Every spring we announce our ZERO LTA streak.  The decision RTS employees make to operate safely is the most important one they make every day they come to work.  The support RTS gets from EHS is second to none.  I am proud to be a part of a group that not only believes in the work that they do, but believes in doing it safely.  My thanks and congratulations go out to the 27 other RTS associates.”

– Chris Fada, RTS General Manager

Congratulations to everyone who keeps safety on their mind in everything they do!



Jim Larson Named CEO of Ross Environmental Services, Inc.

The Board of Directors of Ross Environmental Services, Inc. and its parent, Ross Service Corporations, announced today that Jim Larson will be the next President and Chief Executive Officer of Ross Environmental. Larson will replace Art Hargate as President and CEO when Hargate retires at the end of November this year.

Maureen Cromling, Chairman of the Board, said this transition has been in the making for two years. “We were extremely fortunate to have an outstanding internal candidate that is without question the best person to build upon the strong foundation that Art established over the past nine years as our CEO.”

Hargate has dedicated himself to the organization for more than 27 years. Under his guidance, the Ross Group of companies grew dramatically and routinely achieved their strategic and annual operating plan targets.  Hargate drove leadership principles into every corner of the organization and carefully aligned the companies’ associates to deliver outstanding results.  His mantra, “We are incredible, we make the incredible seem routine: what we do matters!” will inspire the associates at the Ross Group of companies well into the future.

Larson has been with the organization for 25 years and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering. He has served as Research and Development Manager, Incineration Manager, Vice President of Operations, President of Ross Incineration Services, Inc. and Chief Operating Officer of Ross Environmental.  As CEO, Larson’s primary focus will be on continual process improvement, customer satisfaction and market presence and penetration.

“The Board members know for certain that no one is better equipped to lead us into the future. We have the utmost confidence in Jim’s leadership abilities and his dedication to building on the values that have served us so well for over six decades: operating safely; respecting our people; servicing our customers well; protecting the environment; complying with all law and regulation; giving back to the community and using resources wisely,” Cromling added.

Jim Larson
Jim Larson
Art Hargate
Art Hargate



RTS & RIS Celebrate Safety Milestones

On March 14, 2016, Ross Transportation Services, Inc. (RTS) reached nine years with ZERO Lost Time Accidents!
RTS All Blue with R
This is the FIRST TIME they have reached this goal since they began tracking this metric. This means RTS traveled, on average, 2,740 miles per day over the past year maneuvering through many types of weather, road conditions and dealing with all types of drivers.  This is all thanks to its world-class drivers, support staff of mechanics and its exceptional administrative professionals.
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“I would like to congratulate and thank all the RTS associates for this accomplishment. They all have very important jobs and they choose to them safely. That takes constant focus  and is extremely challenging given the work that they do. Whether servicing a truck, driving in poor weather, applying for permits. Of course the support that we receive from EHS is extremely important as well. Many thanks to all of you!”

– Bill Cromling III, President of Ross Transportation Services, Inc.

Congratulations to everyone who keeps safety on their mind in everything they do!


RIS All Blue with RAs of Monday, March 28, 2016, Ross Incineration Services, Inc. (RIS) is pleased to announce it has surpassed two years without a single Lost Time Accident (LTA).  This is over 17,500 hours of operation without a lost time accident and it is a testament to the integrity and acceptance of a safety first culture at RIS.

In an industry that hinges on the success of its safety, RIS has demonstrated that they are able and willing to make safety their #1 priority.  Through interactive training, a personal commitment to safety, supervision, reporting and analysis, preventative maintenance, procedural refinement and the support of every associate in all three companies, the associates of RIS have accomplished something that is no small aSafety Awards Groupchievement.  Continued focus on their business practices, Project Management Methodology, Systems Maintenance Mindset and Continual Improvement Culture continue to lead RIS to a safe, productive and compliant future.



From Jim Larson, COO of Ross Environmental Services, Inc. and President of Ross Incineration Services, Inc.

“This is a VERY big deal! Two years without a LTA means that all the hard work put forth to train our people and continually upgrade and improve our procedures and facility is resulting in the achievement of our single, most important objective, a safe workplace.  I am extremely thankful and proud of everyone who has worked so hard to make safety their number one priority now and forever.”

Congratulations to everyone!

Eaton Township Dumpster Days- 2015

On October 10, 3,340 gallons of household hazardous waste were collected from Eaton Township residents by the Ross Group of companies at the township 27th Dumpster Days event. In fact, 104 households, representing 188 people, participated in the household hazardous waste collection event.

Participants in the event included Eaton Township and several local companies: Ross Environmental Services, Inc., Ross Incineration Services, Inc., Ross Transportation Services, Inc., and Reed’s Salvage Corp. Household hazardous materials were collected by the Ross companies free of charge to the township residents, and included paint, motor oil, household chemicals and discarded cleaning products.

This year’s collection event in October marked the 27th time that the Ross companies have collected household hazardous waste materials as a free community service for Eaton Township residents. Over the past 26 years, they have collected more than 122,870 gallons of household hazardous waste which was disposed of or recycled in an environmentally sound manner.

“Eaton Township Dumpster Days provides an opportunity for township residents to dispose of a variety of waste materials. By collecting household hazardous waste, the Ross companies are providing a valuable community service and helping to protect the environment,” said Maggie Kelch, Director of Corporate Communications for Ross Environmental Services.

Ross Environmental Certified ISO 9001:2008

On Tuesday, June 23, Ross Environmental Services, Inc. (RES) completed a successful external audit for certification as an ISO 9001:2008 facility.

Dubbed the RES We AMAZE Quality Service System, this International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008 Quality System is about enhancing what we do, who we are and how we succeed.  Our RES system focuses on four areas:

  • Customers
  • Clients
  • Corporate Separateness
  • Continual Improvement

The We AMAZE Quality Service System is designed to make sure that RES is doing all of the things it needs to do for its customers, clients, corporate separateness and continual improvement by implementing the We AMAZE quality policy statement.

Chad Colman, Corporate Risk and Loss Supervisor at RES and project manager for ISO 9001 certification, had this to say about the recent audit:

“This standard is a reflection of how well we do what we do here at RES.  The third party auditors are really auditing the practices we have that make our customers and clients happy.  This really is a reflection of the associates. In fact, our auditors took the time to comment on how impressed they were with our operations and the dedication, knowledge and engagement of all of our associates.  So, thank you for being AMAZE(ing)!”

Ross Environmental Owners Purchase A&D Environmental Services, Inc.

The owners of Ross Environmental Services, Inc. and its affiliate companies, announced today the acquisition of A&D Environmental Services, Inc., an environmental and industrial service company headquartered in High Point, NC.

The owners, the Cromling Family – Maureen Ross Cromling, her husband William Cromling II, and their sons, William Cromling III, and Jon Cromling, purchased A&D Environmental Services through a newly formed company, the JBC Group. The family also owns the Ross Group of companies, including Ross Environmental Services, Inc., Ross Incineration Services, Inc. and Ross Transportation Services, Inc., as well as ReTech Plastics, LLC and ReTech Steel LLC, which are all members of The RossWay GroupSM.

A&D Environmental Services, is a leader in the environmental and industrial service industry providing a full range of industrial, remediation, waste management, transportation and emergency response services from eight locations throughout the Southeast and Colorado. The knowledgeable and experienced A&D management team will continue to operate the company under the A&D Environmental Services name.

“With this acquisition, we are making significant progress towards accomplishing our goals for continued growth and diversification. This new partnership will enable our customers to continue to receive the high quality service that they have come to expect from us in the past 65 years with the addition of new, more comprehensive services,” said William E. Cromling III on behalf of the family ownership.

Paul Taveira, Chief Executive Officer of A&D Environmental said that the acquisition will benefit A&D associates and customers in several ways. “This acquisition expands the expertise, infrastructure, and services available to customers of both companies as the businesses are very complementary in terms of their geography and service offerings,” he said.

To learn more about The RossWay GroupSM click here.  To learn more about A&D Environmental Services, visit their website at

Introducing The RossWay Group℠

Local family business owners, Maureen, William II, Jon and William Cromling III, are proud to introduce The RossWay GroupSM, a new brand name to identify their growing business enterprises.

The Cromlings are the owners of several well-known Lorain County companies, including the Ross Group of companies (Ross Environmental Services, Inc., Ross Incineration Services, Inc. and Ross Transportation Services, Inc.); and the ReTech Group of companies (ReTech Plastics and ReTech Steel, LLC); as well as the Ross Foundation, Inc.  They are also the owners of A&D Environmental Services, Inc. based in High Point, NC.

“Over the past few years, the family’s business enterprises have grown to include several groups of companies. As a result, we wanted to find a way to connect and describe these businesses for our associates, customers and community. We wanted to develop a unifying brand for all of our businesses, that reflects the values of the family ownership,” explained Maureen Cromling.

As a result, they selected the brand name of The RossWay GroupSM.

William Cromling, II said that careful consideration was given to the selection of the brand name.

“The Ross family name is well recognized in the community and in our marketplace. It has come to be associated with the values of integrity, innovation and commitment which have been passed through our family to our businesses, from our associates to our customers and from our businesses to our community. They have become the “Ross Way” of doing business,” he said.

Jon Cromling added, “The RossWay GroupSM is a brand name that not only recognizes how we do business today but also reflects how we will continue to conduct ourselves. These are values that wehave built in into our existing businesses and we want to instill into any new businesses that we may acquire or launch in the future.”

In addition to selecting a brand name to characterize the businesses, they also developed a short tag line, which talks about their commitment to family business ownership now and in the future: “Family Owned, Future FocusedSM.”

“We are very proud to be family business owners. Family business ownership is one of the backbones of our economy. As business owners, we have a unique responsibility to ensure that our businesses work now and in the future to serve our customers, provide a great place to work for our associates and make a difference in our community,” said William Cromling, III.

Both the brand name and the tag line are incorporated into a logo which will be utilized by all of the affiliated companies in the family’s enterprises.

“Going forward, you will see this logo, name and tag line in conjunction with the names of the companies in this enterprise and know that they share these common values and share a way of doing business that is at the core of our companies and family,” William Cromling, III added.

RTS Reaches 8 Years Zero LTAs

RTS TruckRoss Transportation Services, Inc. had a goal to reach eight years with ZERO Lost Time Accidents in the second quarter of its fiscal year in 2015.

On March 14, 2015, RTS reached this milestone. This is the FIRST TIME they have reached this goal since they began tracking this metric.

Chris Fada, General Manager of RTS, had this to say: “One of our values as a company is that nothing is more important than the safety of our people. This is an easy thing to say, but it takes commitment from an entire organization to really bring it to life.”

Congratulations to everyone who keeps safety on their mind in everything that they do!

RTS Reaches 4 Million Safe Driving Miles

Ros Transportation ServicesIn the United States, there are approximately four million miles of roads.  Recently, Ross Transportation Services, Inc. (RTS) achieved the milestone of safely traveling on the equivalent of every road in the United States!

“Safety and professionalism have always been the hallmark of RTS. Our drivers, technicians and office staff exemplify these traits every day. I am unbelievably proud of our associates and what they do. RTS has the best there are. My thanks to them all.”  Bill Cromling III, President of RTS

RTS reached four million safe driving miles as a fleet by averaging 2,740 miles per day over the last four years.  This is the equivalent of driving from Cleveland, Ohio to the tip of Florida and back seven days a week, 52 weeks a year for four years.  These represent the consecutive miles driven without an RTS driver being at fault in any crashes.

“My appreciation goes out to each and every one of our drivers.  They are the men and women behind the wheel for up to 11 hours a day dealing with orange barrels, weather, traffic and other motorists.  They work irregular times with a fluid schedule.  They are responsible for dealing with all of the challenges a regular driver faces on a daily basis in addition to a 53 foot long trailer loaded with hazardous waste.  They manage all of these challenges and then must represent the Ross Group wherever they go.  These 14 individuals always do it in a professional and respectable manner.  So, thank you and congratulations to:

Duane Asmus
Rachel Atwell
Ron Berkel
Don Bestor
Lew Eaton
Rick Gregg
Jim Hall
Larry Haws
Jacob MacKeigan
Jon Nagy
Dave Parsons
Steve Smith
Dave Teleha
Jerry White

Next time you see a driver, please congratulate them for helping us to continue to be the safest transportation company in our industry,” Chris Fada, RTS General Manager.

Safety is, and always will be, the number one priority at the Ross Group of companies.