Introducing The RossWay Group℠

Local family business owners, Maureen, William II, Jon and William Cromling III, are proud to introduce The RossWay GroupSM, a new brand name to identify their growing business enterprises.

The Cromlings are the owners of several well-known Lorain County companies, including the Ross Group of companies (Ross Environmental Services, Inc., Ross Incineration Services, Inc. and Ross Transportation Services, Inc.); and the ReTech Group of companies (ReTech Plastics and ReTech Steel, LLC); as well as the Ross Foundation, Inc.  They are also the owners of A&D Environmental Services, Inc. based in High Point, NC.

“Over the past few years, the family’s business enterprises have grown to include several groups of companies. As a result, we wanted to find a way to connect and describe these businesses for our associates, customers and community. We wanted to develop a unifying brand for all of our businesses, that reflects the values of the family ownership,” explained Maureen Cromling.

As a result, they selected the brand name of The RossWay GroupSM.

William Cromling, II said that careful consideration was given to the selection of the brand name.

“The Ross family name is well recognized in the community and in our marketplace. It has come to be associated with the values of integrity, innovation and commitment which have been passed through our family to our businesses, from our associates to our customers and from our businesses to our community. They have become the “Ross Way” of doing business,” he said.

Jon Cromling added, “The RossWay GroupSM is a brand name that not only recognizes how we do business today but also reflects how we will continue to conduct ourselves. These are values that wehave built in into our existing businesses and we want to instill into any new businesses that we may acquire or launch in the future.”

In addition to selecting a brand name to characterize the businesses, they also developed a short tag line, which talks about their commitment to family business ownership now and in the future: “Family Owned, Future FocusedSM.”

“We are very proud to be family business owners. Family business ownership is one of the backbones of our economy. As business owners, we have a unique responsibility to ensure that our businesses work now and in the future to serve our customers, provide a great place to work for our associates and make a difference in our community,” said William Cromling, III.

Both the brand name and the tag line are incorporated into a logo which will be utilized by all of the affiliated companies in the family’s enterprises.

“Going forward, you will see this logo, name and tag line in conjunction with the names of the companies in this enterprise and know that they share these common values and share a way of doing business that is at the core of our companies and family,” William Cromling, III added.